The part numbers are in the rocker box, below the valve train. To purchase any of the VOLKSWAGEN Cylinder Heads below, ... VOLKSWAGEN - 8 VALVE SOHC, WITH CAM, VW MOTORSPORT. $175.00. ... Head Replacement Parts. Easy fast and secure. microsoft internet explorer has a search engine you can use to search any web page by word. Great value & fast delivery. Difference between stock VW head and mine - Duration: ... Cylinder Head 106 - Casting & Porting Tech - Try replacing your slave or master cylinder and rebleeding your system. Superb array of cylinder head parts available for the Volkswagen T1 Beetle at great prices from JK. Clutch pedal feeling spongy? Fuel System. I have a cylinder head I cant identify the casting # is 111103371 ... but the LH also has vw 23 stamped below that number, whilst the RH has vw Do VW part numbers like this 133-201-075 AD look like Greek to you? ... 79 had Vanagon heads GE - 79 2000 Cal only, Vanagon heads. Identification of Air Cooled VW Engine letter codes. Volkswagen Air Cooled Cylinders & Cylinder Heads ... VW Type 1 Performance Cylinder Head 35.5 X 32 Valves, Dual High-Rev, Stage 1 Port & Polish 94 Bore. Time-Sert and Kent-Moore Cylinder Head Bolt Thread Repair Kit Rentals 924 Garage " ... the best handling Porsche in stock form. Find the cylinder head you need. Air Cooled Porsche Rover V8 Parts Ford Kits BMC Era Car Parts Land Rover Kits: Air-Cooled VW Engine Identification Letter I.D. ... New Air Cooled VW Cylinder Head Complete. Volkswagen cylinder head product list search. cranes and draglines, crawler. Solving Overheating Problems ~~~ Subtopics related to overheating are as follows - How Do You Know If Your Engine Is Running Too Hot? Type 3 Code -Year -Engine -Remarks ... Mofoco high-performance cylinder heads will make your VW ", J Pasha, Excellence Parts Listing . Find great deals on eBay for VW Dual Port Heads in Cylinder Heads & Parts. The VW Part Numbering System Explained. Codes & Displacement Chart Transmissions. ... see the photos for part numbers. Cylinder Head ID: The cylinder head casting numbers can be found in 3 places. Anyone know where I can lookup casting numbers off a head I recently acquired? Fuel Pumps and Other Matters Quiet Carbs Well-Balanced Carbs Short Cables The Last Word on Float Bowls A Whole Lot of Hot Air Racing Fuel Basics ... 1972-73 Type 3 Volkswagen VW Dual Port Cylinder Head 311101376G Bug. We also sell VW stock replacement heads & parts. I have this info and a lot more in HP Books "How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine". Search for a cylinder head in our online database. Your VW Cylinder Heads are one of ... OEM VW 35 x 32mm Dual Port Cylinder Head (Mexican or Brazilian Casting), ... Volkswagen and any model names and numbers is Fits Bug and Cabrio. Home Catalog Cylinder Heads VW Air Cooled Heads for ... should not be used in the VW engine. Your VW Cylinder Heads are one ... OEM VW 35 x 32mm Dual Port Cylinder Head (Mexican or Brazilian Casting), ... Volkswagen and any model names and numbers Find great deals on eBay for VW 1600 Heads in Cylinder Heads & Parts. This paper summarizes the melting and casting processes for magnesium alloys. $99.00.