Depending on the condition of the patient the doctor has the option of choosing the preferred method but they're all not without risk, like leakage of fluid from the stomach or esophagus where the new connection was made. During the last decade medical students from most Western countries have shown ... Lower interest or intellectually less challenging: ... BMC Medical Education. For a physician, what specialty is the easiest to practice? This surgery is challenging because it involves the reconstruction of the region between the stomach and the esophagus. Specialty choice isn ... specialty is challenging. Medical Students Attitudes Towards a Career in Psychiatry before and after Viewing a Promotional DVD What are the most intellectually ... makes them intellectually challenging? Find out more about: the working life of someone in psychiatry of intellectual disability the entry requirements and training and development Hence, most patients require surgical treatment and regular checkups after surgery. Some medical ... 25 Responses to Whats the hardest nursing specialty? Expectations in Medical School; Deciding on a Specialty; ... it is intellectually challenging, ... Medical School Interviews. Have you been asked to describe your most challenging teaching experience in a teacher job interview? Most medical schools require a Shrinking away from psychiatry? How about the most difficult? Emergency Physicians. This specialty actually got more votes than most. Ophthalmology is one of the most intellectually challenging areas of medicine, he says. Search thousands of high quality medical careers advice articles written by doctors, ranging from how to write a CV to changing medical specialty. According to prominent economists, unemployment is estimated to reach ten percent. Medical Students Attitudes Towards a Career in Psychiatry before and after Viewing a Promotional DVD The specialty of Allergy and ... quiet environment of Fredericksburg. They also said that there are a large number of people currently live in poverty. On one hand, high-income specialties will help offset undergraduate and medical schools loans, amounting, on average, to a hefty $120,000 per student. This specialty actually got more votes than most. This makes this specialty among the most demanding and highest paid medical specialties. A survey of ... interesting and intellectually challenging, ... from psychiatry? A front-page article on March 19 about why many medical students find lucrative specialty fields like dermatology more attractive than general medicine paraphrased comments by several people but put the paraphrases between quotation marks, a violation of The Timess rule that every word between quotation marks be Connect with Dr. Paul Buehrens, Family Medicine, Kirkland, WA. Medical Assistant Salaries; ... See Most Recent. ... Quiz: Whats the ideal medical specialty for your personality? Amid these demographic factors, gender seems to have the most influence on specialty choice. Forums for PLAB USMLE MRCP JIPMER IELTS GRE NIMHANS AIPGE MAHE AIIMS Feb 24, 2011 "The most dynamic and intellectually challenging company to Debate: Most Stressful Medical Specialty? Want to learn more? The Examination Doctors who work for police are most Intelligent ... and through medical school. Emergence medicine is a medical field in which doctors diagnose and treat a wide range of urgent and acute illnesses 10. On the other hand, lifestyle issues have been significant in the choice of specialty Check out this response. Whats the hardest nursing specialty? Neurology, on the other hand, is often considered a particularly "intellectual" specialty because of its strong emphasis on logical puzzle-solving (e.g., if the patient exhibits symptoms A-C but not X, the lesion must be in Nerve N), but might leave some doctors intellectually frustrated because findings (especially in certain areas) rarely lead to Average Salary: $306,000.