surprise finds

Potato breeding is a funny old business, it is great keeping some of the eye-catchers around


Field Selection

Its great looking over the field, seeing all the weird ones producing very well, knowing that "you" are the only one growing them



Bringing something special to the market, spuds that mixed together make something truly special



Special Spuds with Special Colours

how nice and colourful is that on your plate? We have made a colour mix that have the same cooking time, and you can eat them with or without the skin.

Colours in Potatoes

The colour of the potato flesh is dictated by carotene, a natural pigment. lack of carotene results in a white flesh. Yellow, purple and red flesh varieties have high levels of this pigment which is also extremely healthy.

Potatoes (the ancient varieties) were all coloured, and years of cross breeding has resulted in the potato type that we commonly know, which can be mass produced, consistent yield and quality, but this has come with a trade off, the benefits of the colours for example

med size coloured spuds

The Technical Details

We will be elaborating on the technical details soon, however in the mean time, here are some links to a few very interesting articles about coloured potatoes and their benefits.

Purple Potatoes: Facts, Nutrition, and Health Benefits